So I’ve been listening to the audiobook of 1984 recently. My Dad recommended it to me, and I believe it’s one of his favorite novels. It starts off slow, but gets much better in the second half when Orwell starts getting into the political theories that drive the novel.

While there were parts of it I liked, I did not find the world it described entirely credible. The control of Big Brother over the populace and the balance of superpowers on in the world seemed too perfect. I did find his descriptions of how political leaders can manipulate people and revise history apt. However, I came away with the sense that Orwell was not so much arguing against government itself but rather against authoritarianism. He identified Big Brother as an entity seeking power for its own sake and entirely unconcerned with the welfare of the people it ruled.

I’ve been experimenting with french fry recipes lately. I’ve been concocting a chilli batter that you can mix the cut potatoes in before pan baking them – makes them crispier and tastier too. Still more experimenting (and snacking) to do, though.