Canine skulls are a little odd when you’re used to drawing human ones. The eye sockets don’t completely close and the cheekbones are really high. The arms and legs are odd too, compared to human proportions. Then again, maybe we’re just the strange ones with all our upright walking.

Minnesota is heading into -30 C weather. Not looking forward to this. I’m used to thinking of a really cold day being around -20. Then again, we only have about three centimeters of snow, so this is seeming like a very strange winter.

I’m having second thoughts about the Count of Monte Cristo. After the first main arc, the story really starts meandering. The Count seems to be bent not so much on revenge as on being overbearing at parties. Still, it is interesting to get a glimpse into the world as seen by the 18th century. And there’s a very striking similarity between this work and a lot of early 20th century American detective fiction.