Under fire
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  1. Iron Ed

    I like the guy with the rifle in panel two. Looks a lot like pictures I’ve seen of troops in the U.S. civil war.

    Annnnd.. That hore is evil! 🙂

    • Iron Ed

      *horSe! dangit.

  2. Iron Ed

    What’s up Mark?? Not a peep from you in almost -3- months! I hope you’re okay!!

    • AlphaGarg

      I was getting worried myself, but he put out a Blender tutorial on the 17th, so I think he’s doing okay.. hopefully just taking a break from the comic to put time into other things.

      • Iron Ed

        You’re right. I don’t see Mark’s stuff elsewhere; but, I sent him a note and that’s more-or-less the answer I got. 🙂

  3. AlphaGarg

    Okay, now I’m worried. Is the comic cancelled or something?

    • Iron Ed

      I have a sneaky suspicion the answer is… It’s on an unofficial hiatus. One that lasts…kinda…foreverrrr…. 🙁

      (I only check it about once per month these days. 🙁 )

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