Helping Hand
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  1. jprime

    So he wore pants back then, before ditching them for a time?

    • Iron Ed

      Ah, well; you know the navy and their uniform pants rules. 😉

      Really like the details in panels 2 & 3, Mark. Those silhouettes are wonderful!
      The background in panel 3 is very nice too.

      Just thinking back and got to wondering… Is the army mostly made up of foxes, while the navy is a mix of fox and goat?

      • Thanks! The long shots are a lot more work since the usually have much more stuff in them and because you’re often drawing much more unusual stuff.

        I was thinking more along the lines that these groups used to be isolated and didn’t interact much with each other. However, at this point in time the fox kingdoms are militarily and technologically dominant and are pushing into neighboring lands. Hence both friction and integration as they push into what are traditionally the goat lands. So both the army and navy are majority fox, but you’re starting to see other groups too as they become more cosmopolitan.

    • Casanova

      Mark has improved his art and his style very well. You can see a difference between the first pages and the recent pages.

      With the improvements comes more details, such as pants.

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