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  1. Thesmartfox

    There is something I must ask: I notice everyone else in this establishment is wearing pants and it makes me wonder, why doesn’t April wear pants?

    • The problem is my style’s been changing slowly since the first comic and my original designs don’t work with a more realistic world. April and Joel have also not been in any civilized area since chapter 1, so I can’t just have them go clothes shopping. I’ve been thinking of having them suddenly change costume with no explanation, but I’ve been holding off on that.

      Laziness is a bit of a factor too. It’s a lot easier to draw, color and shade a monochrome goat than have to deal with jackets, pants, pockets, collars, shoes, etc.

      • Iron Ed

        I’ve always kinda liked the “clothing optional” art. With no explanation it makes for an odd-but-interesting style and something to wonder about. :-)

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