Okay. So for a few months now, the cave spiders have seemed somehow ‘wrong’ to me. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it. Also, this is the first comic in which we see one of the spiders from the rear, so I decided to do some web searches for spider images.

And then, as my gaze wandered over image after image of delicate spinnerettes, it hit me. I’ve been drawing the legs coming out of the wrong part of their body this whole time! And given that spiders have a merged head and thorax – and that I’ve been drawing tiny heads this whole time – if I moved the legs, I’d have to redesign the whole body too.

This left me with a bit of conundrum. Continue with the beach-ball spiders I’ve been using so far, or break continuity? Well, I’ve redesigned enough characters mid-story-arc so far, so why not the spiders too? So no, a new group of arachnids did not just descend upon everyone – it’s just the window on their world coming into a sharper focus.

Also – spider booty! Woo hoo!