So, last night I was typing away on my computer. My computer had been up for a few days at that point, and Windows update had started flashing at me, so I thought to myself ‘this would be a good time to reboot before I get started on the comics’. During the shutdown process, the fan came on harder than I had ever heard it before. And then when I restarted, nothing. Not a flicker on my monitor, not even that BIOS text that scrolls by. Extra fan though. And dust. It was like a blizzard in here.

So anyhow, I got my broken tablet PC out of storage and got it working again. I was thinking of hooking my scanner up to it, and then realized that the script was on my main PC. So I did this instead.

Back to the main story next week. Tech support says I need a new motherboard. Thta should be a fun way to spend a Wednesday evening.