Went to see the Defeat of Jesse James Days festival in Northfield this weekend. It’s an annual festival where townfolk reenact the last bank robbery of Jesse James – right in the very bank that he robbed. Unfortunately it isn’t very easy to see what’s going on inside the bank from the stands in the street, but there were around a half dozen James gang members riding up and down the main street on horseback firing six-shooters and a few citizens lined up on the far end of the street returning fire with rifles. Luckily none of the festival goers were stuck in all the commotion. And the Northfield police just stood around watching the whole thing despite the weeks of advertizing that the James gang was coming to town. I suppose its good that the Northfield citizens are still so vigilant.

Anyhow, it was a hot day with lots of classic cars, food tents, crafts sales and a Super Bingo. I was pretty sweaty by the time I got back, but I had a good time.