Aah! Too many legs. Also the second strip after my discovery of funky sound effect fonts. I think they look better than my hand lettering.

Regarding the discussion last week re: the character’s doe eyed staring into infinity. I’m doing my best, but it ain’t easy. Part of it is the resolution I’m drawing at – you only have so much pen control. Part of it is character design – they all have enormous eyes, so any expression from neutral to surprised is going to have that big eyed look. Anyhow, watch this spot for future developments/improvements.

Now look into my eyes. Deep, deep into my eyes. You are getting sleeeepy. You are under my power. You will vote for this comic on all the comic ranking websites and then email all your friends about it. Now when I count to three, you will awaken and remember nothing! 1… 2… 3!