So I’ve been playing around with the feet and lower legs of the characters a bit. I’ve been inconsistent on this in the past, and probably will be in the future too as my style continues to evolve. I am leaning more toward the plantigrade (long lower leg, heel on the ground) style of leg over the digitigrade (walking on the balls of the toes) style just because plantigrade is much easier to work with for bipedal creatures. When you have a bipedal digitgrade creature, they’re effectively in high heels without a shoe to support them. While this can work for some poses, more often than not they look like they’re teetering on stilts. Anyhow, while I do like how the digitigrade style gives the characters a more animal appearance, I think plantigrade does make more sense. Or maybe I’ll just keep changing it up from pose to pose until I find something I’m happy with.