So as chapter 4 is drawing to a close, I’ve been thinking about about how things have been going with Kitfox Comics and what I might be doing with it in the future.

I’ve been drawing the story for nearly five years now. Originally I had envisioned it as an RPG style video game, but lacked the skills I needed to do that, since I really into different sort of games from RPG to casino games as baccarat online where I can make some money on the web. Above all, my drawing skills were terrible and I thought that presenting the first few chapters as a comic would be a great way to build skills.

Even the title is tentative – rather than giving it a proper name, ‘Kitfox Comics’ is a reference to the web domain it’s hosted on (I used to follow D C Simpson’s ‘Ozy and Millie’ during its original run and knew about the trouble Simpson ran into with a domain name poacher – so I wanted to avoid naming it unless I could secure a domain for it first).

Anyhow, five years later I have improved quite a bit at drawing and rendering, but still fall short of professional level art skills. I’m also having a lot more demands on my time which is making producing each page more difficult. Each page takes about six or seven hours to make. On top of that, I’m only getting about 40 hits per day – a rate which hasn’t changed in years. It’s hard to say what percentage of that are unique humans, but in any case the strip isn’t pulling in huge numbers.

Ive been thinking of changing up the format. Maybe going to black and white, maybe dropping the format down to a weekly newspaper size, maybe even rebooting the whole story and going with something gag-based with short story arcs rather than the novel-length and increasingly grim serial that I’m currently doing.

In any case, I need something more manageable. And I would really like to bring viewers something they really like too.