Hi all. Well, my computer is still in a non-functional state. It looks like my motherboard has bent CPU pins which is the most likely cause of trouble. It would have been nice to have known this before reinstalling Windows. To add insult to injury, the technician who was supposed to fix things up on Thursday went to the wrong city, and then called to inform me that I was outside his service area. The Friday rescheduling then fell through because – according to the Dell robot – they were too busy to come out to fix things.

Anyway, the upshot is another week with no comic. I do want to get back to this as soon as I can. I’ve been thinking of buying one of the large Cintiqs. They’re expensive, but I’ve read posts of artists saying they like them. I have a 12″ one which is nice to draw on, but so small it’s very difficult to see what you’re drawing as you draw it.