So, for everyone following my moving saga, I had planned to complete the last stage of my move to Canada today. I had rolled in the month before and put the majority of my possessions in a UHaul storage locker. At this particular storage facility, they have a policy that you must use a particular lock to lock your unit with – however, they were all out so they told me to just use a regular padlock I had with me and that they would replace it later. When I arrived today to get my things out, they had indeed replaced the lock. And lost the key. And since these are special locks, they can’t just cut it open with bolt cutters. And the one person who works in the place who knows how to remove these special locks is on holiday until July 3.

Anyhow, looks like next week’s update is likely going to be a miss. Luckily I do have a new place to move into, albeit without furniture.